Olympian Challenges U.S. Senate Olympic Caucus Chair for Seat in Colorado

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August 10, 2021



COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (August 10, 2021) – Today, Olympian and Air Force Veteran EliBremer announced he will challenge U.S. Senator Michael Bennet in Colorado. Bremer gaineda national profile for his leadership in the bipartisan reforms of the Olympics in the wake of theNassar scandal.

Bremer slammed Bennet for failing to support bipartisan legislation to protect victims of sexualassault in the Olympics, and said it demonstrates Bennet’s lack of effectiveness and leadership.

“This is par for the course with Michael Bennet. He’s more interested in attending D.C. cocktailparties than taking on real issues,” Bremer said. “In 12 years, he has authored one piece oflegislation that has been signed into law. One. As the next U.S. Senator from Colorado, I willwork for pragmatic solutions that positively impact Colorado and America.”

“Having twice worn the uniform of our nation – in the military and in the Olympics – I amconcerned that the country I have represented is being sold out by self-interested politicians,”Bremer said. “I’ve traveled the world, and I’ve seen how special we are in America. Having beenraised in Colorado, I have also seen how special our state is. We deserve a Senator who wantsto be a voice for Colorado rather than climbing the political ladder. I've been proud to serve mycountry in the military and Olympics, and I will be proud to do it again in the U.S. Senate.”

Growing up and living in Colorado his whole life, Eli learned the value of service and grit. Hetook those values with him to the U.S. Air Force Academy, and served 14 years as acommissioned officer in the active duty and reserve components.

After representing the United States in the Olympic Games, Eli founded and still manages thelargest grassroots Olympic sponsorship program in the nation. He is a four-time Olympic sports announcer for NBC, a global spokesman and consultant for Shaklee Corporation, and routinelyadvises small startup businesses.

A lifelong Republican, Eli began working on civic causes after separating from the active dutyAir Force in 2008. In 2009, he founded the El Paso County Young Professional Republicanswhich grew to over 100 members. He then became the youngest county party chairman inColorado in 2011 when he was elected Chairman of the El Paso County GOP. Under hisleadership, the EPC GOP grew fundraising and operations tenfold in just two years. Followinghis success in party management, Eli turned his attention to fundraising for federal candidates inswing districts across the nation. He also worked on the 2016 campaigns of Jeb Bush andPresident Donald Trump.

Eli graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a BS in economics, earned an MBA fromthe University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) inPolitical Management from The George Washington University. Bremer comes from a familydevoted to national service. Both of his brothers have served as Air Force officers; and hisuncle, Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, ran the U.S. efforts on Iraqi reconstruction. Eli’s wife Camicurrently serves as an El Paso County Commissioner. The couple is raising their 6-year-old son,Struthers, in Colorado Springs.