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Why am I running?

Having twice worn the uniform of our nation – in the military and in the Olympics – I am concerned that the country I have represented is being sold out by self-interested politicians.

Having traveled the world, I’ve seen how special we are in America. And having traveled the country, I have seen how special Colorado truly is. We deserve a Senator who has more interest in being a voice for Colorado than in climbing the political ladder. I've been proud to serve my country, and I will be proud to do it again in the U.S. Senate.


Struthers' Story

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"My wife faced a 25% mortality risk during pregnancy, and the doctors urged her to terminate. Our son was born at 27 weeks, and thanks to the incredible health care professionals in Colorado, our family of three is thriving. I am running for Senate because I owe it to my son and future Colorado generations to step up and do something."


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